About us

Founded in 2000, Navigram has gained considerable experience in product configuration and visualisation by serving hundreds of companies with custom solutions.

With the launch of our network for products, we have combined the companies knowledge, experience and vision into one single platform.


"Navigram's mission is to create an information network for products."



Navigram bv
Oudegracht 232
3511 NT Utrecht
The Netherlands

W: www.navigram.com
E: info@navigram.com
T: +31 (0) 30 3075728

IBAN: NL 15 INGB 0007 2360 47
VAT: NL-8169.00.498.B.01
COC: Utrecht 30215796

For information on application licenses, contact info@navigram.com. For information on Navigram Furniture Planner, contact Diit Studio (info@diitstudio.com), for information on custom configurators and services, contact Configuration Studio (info@configurationstudio.com).